Saturday, January 21, 2012

Of unemployment and of speakeasies.


I applied for unemployment for the first time in my life about a couple of weeks ago, after getting laid off for the first time ever from my first "grown up job" ever. It was a little overwhelming at the time, especially because I have to keep a job search log. At first I bristled at that, but now I find that it gives me the impetus I need to apply to at least three different job postings per week. Plus I've always enjoyed keeping lists and organizing files, so this requirement satisfies my need for order.

When I graduated, my father's girlfriend wrote this poem in a card to me. It was meaningful then in a different way than it is meaningful now. Now it gives me strength.

"Raven, teach me to ride the wings of change."

Perch where the wind comes at you full force.
Let it blow you apart till your feathers fly off and
you look like hell.
Then abandon yourself.
The wind is not your enemy.
Nothing in life is.
Go where the wind takes you
higher lower
The wind to carry you forward will find you
when you are ready
When you can bear it.

-Dr. Margaret Wheatley

Something about having all this extra time, and (for the time being) a sufficient amount of money for both necessities and small luxuries, makes me want to shop. A lot. I almost went on a ModCloth binge the other day, but reigned myself in and only bought a couple of things, like the Essential Elegance skirt that I've been pining for, and some classic high-waist black pants.

I didn't buy the Perched In Your Soul skirt, or the Precisely Plaid-Matic skirt, even though I really wanted to. After all, I'd already blown $70 on a leopard swing coat on eBay ($60 off the original price, and $10 under the sale price!).

I went to a Mad Men-themed party at the Bellevue Art Museum last night, and then to the Seattle "speakeasy," Knee High Stocking Company. More on all that once my friends post pictures.

Tomorrow it is off to the thrift stores! I need to satisfy this shopping bug in a more frugally savvy way.

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