Monday, January 16, 2012


This person is obviously obsessed with Clara Bow and terrible .gifs. I am mildly obsessed with this song, but only because I first heard it when I watched the gay romantic comedy, "Adam and Steve," and I freaking love that movie.

Once in a while, I will become obsessed with something. When I was a child, it was wolves; as a teenager, it was Nightcrawler (yes, from X-Men); in college, my boyfriend; et cetera, et cetera. But one thing that seems to remain constant (and is usually the fault of "Gossip Girl") is an obsession with beautiful clothing (and fancy cheeses). I'm not always obsessed to the point of mania, but I was in the case of one dress, a black Milly sheath with a rhinestone collar.

I've been hoarding this for so long that I've forgotten the source.
After watching the episode where Leighton Meester's character, Blair Waldorf, I scoured online clothing boutiques and eBay for my own. I almost bought one on eBay before I came to my frugal senses, but I made a folder to house images of the dress that has lingered in the back of my conscious for three years now, that I might make a renewed effort once I had gathered the necessary funds.

I found that album today, and all it has renewed is the desire to learn to sew and relief that I didn't squander three hundred dollars on what is, essentially, a simple black dress with some sparkle, merely because I saw it on Blair Waldorf.

But she did make me buy this DVF skirt.

No regrets.

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