Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, Monday.

Bun day, bun day. Source.

For the past year, my Mondays have never been a bother as I worked a Tuesday through Saturday schedule. Now that I've been laid off, it is unlikely that I'll find another job that gives me work-free Mondays (which is fine by me, as that means I'll get to spend the weekend doing fun things with friends who have more typical schedules), but for now this is just another lazy day. It's my sister's second to last day in town, and we're eating cold pizza and lavender macarons for breakfast.


Also, we're listening to soundtracks from movies we watched as children. "Balto" and "We're Back!" are two of our favorites.

("Why do so many not-that-great movies have such great soundtracks?" my sister wonders. Then she tells me what's happening, scene for scene, depending on the part of the song. She watched way too much television as a child.)

It's going to be a great day!

I'm probably going to buy this discounted vintage Scrabble reproduction. (Despite being an English major, I'm not even that good at Scrabble, so you should totally play with me. Don't be scared.)

I found this guide to choosing a camera simple and reassuring. And now I know what I'm looking for--a "mirrorless" (or ILC or EVIL) camera. I love my Nikon D5000, but it's a little bulky for everyday use. Plus the hipster in me wants nothing more than to stroll about town in rolled up jeans penny loafers with my camera hanging around my neck from a strap I found on Etsy.

I might try to do my hair like this today, in an effort to maintain my resolution to do more things with my hair.


I might work on my application to be an egg donor today, and simultaneously work on my response when people ask me why I would give up my eggs and don't I want to be a mother someday? (Gala Darling's friend, Vivian, says this: "When it comes to making babies, I love practicing and leave the real work to the professionals." Love it!)

Young men who are allies to women make me really happy.


I like it when attractive men get in bed with Jude Law. It actually makes me happier than if I were in bed with either of them (but not both, as that would be the most ideal).

The suggestion that I should learn to code both intrigues me and really stresses me out. But hey, something to work on while looking for work, I suppose. Can I wear cute nerdy (fake) glasses while I'm coding?

Giacomo Grosso seems to be having a(nother?) moment, 116 years later. I love his work--it makes me want to prance around naked even more than I usually do.

La femme nue. Source.

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