Thursday, January 5, 2012

John Slattery and Roger Sterling are totally conflated in my mind.

John Slattery could smoke all day and I'd still find him attractive. Since smoking immediately decreases everyone else's attractiveness for me by at least half, this is quite the feat.

If I had a Tumblr (I don't Tumbl, much to my sister's horror), I would call it "John Slattery is My Boyfriend." I mean, obviously he's not, but a girl can fantasize dream, right?

I once dated a boy who was so jealous that he was jealous of my crush on John Slattery.

"Hey girl. I've been making meme-worthy facial expressions since before Ryan Gosling hit puberty." that I think about it, that was perhaps not completely unfounded, as I would have left this boy for John Slattery in a heartbeat. Also, Geoffrey Rush, but that is a different post entirely.

John Slattery's name makes me think of the word "slattern," which, despite its negative connotations, is a word I quite enjoy and I would not mind it one bit if John Slattery wanted to call me a slattern, as long as he did it in that playfully naughty tone that he does.

And then we would snuggle.

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