Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have a very small headache so here's a crabby post.

Time for some sad violin music.

1) Why do I not have a ticket to this reproduction of the last dinner on the Titanic? Why, God, why? I really want to pretend to be one of the one percent from  the era of bustles and seven course meals. And why, of all places, is it in Oakland, God? OAKLAND!? You have got to be kidding me.

2) I made it to Gold Status with Starbucks and that actually makes me happy. WHO AM I!? THE ONE PERCENT? And if so, why won't I be at that goddamned Titanic dinner!?!?

3) Etsy is all about Valentine's Day right now and has completely skipped over Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in order to remind me, via whimsical hand-stitched heart pillows and typography posters, that I AM ALL ALONE.


4) I missed my chance to buy this beautiful Vintage Bookshelf Scrabble from Restoration Hardware and now I'm pretty sure that I can never be totally happy without it.

5) I know that I'm getting a little controversial here and that I won't make many friends by saying this. I also know that, as a single woman who lives (mostly) on her own, this sweatshirt should really appeal to me.


But it doesn't. This sweatshirt LIES. Real men love dogs. Some men love cats and that is all well and good...just not as good. Team Dogs.

6) I hate the TSA, I hate it I hate it.

7) I don't have another point (at this moment), but I don't much care for even numbers. They are goody two-shoes.


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