Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

My goodness, it's 2012 already. New Year's Eve was harried and a little weird, but overall a good time. I had my sister and her best friend with me, and together we hopped between three parties. Once again I got wrangled into volunteering as designated driver, but I managed to enjoy myself just the same.

In keeping with what seems to be a NYE tradition, we got to race frantically through the streets, trying to get to a party in time to count down to midnight.

Me on the left, my sister on the right, and our buddy in the middle.

We made it, with four minutes to spare!

My coworker asked me today what my New Year's resolutions were, and I told her that I don't make resolutions for myself anymore. Instead, I make them for other people. She liked that.

I resolved for my best friend to read invitations thoroughly before asking me for details that I'd already provided.

I resolved for my mother's cat to stop vomiting all over her carpet.

I resolved for all my friends and family to love themselves as much as, or more than, I love them.

And, after seeing this picture, I resolved for men to start glittering their beards.

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