Thursday, January 19, 2012

Et bien, je suis jalouse!

Jalouse Magazine: Une Fille Comme Les Autres from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

Way cute.

In other news, I learned the other day how to switch back and forth between an American keyboard and an International keyboard (with accents! at least for romance languages...not Swedish so much), so my blogging life is much improved.

I really enjoy seeing the words "easy" and "tarte tatin" in the same phrase, unless of course the phrase is "it isn't easy to make a tarte tatin," but luckily Little Brown Pen is saying quite the opposite.

It's interesting to me that of all the things that I like about myself, things that I consider to be gifts or talents or hobbies, my love for the French language and French style and France in general is one of the few things that I hate to see in other people, because it intimidates me. I think I shall make 2012 the year that I set aside intimidation and choose to find complete joy in everything I love, even if I can never be the Frenchiest Francophile this side of the Cascades.

Also, I need more skinny jeans and why is that gap between people's front teeth so endearing?

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