Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chapter 27: In which there is a "snowpocalypse."

It is snowing in Seattle! I don't know if I'd call it proper snow. It's more like snow's equivalent of drizzle. But it did a good job while I was sleeping, because everything is white now.

Um, why don't we have this anymore, Seattle?

What better way to spend the day (before I finally decide to take a shower and put on my Sorrels) than to sit around in my robe and blog?

Elsa, stop it. I love you too much. What is this?

Grillad grapfrukt.

Grilled grapefruit? What? I need to go to Sweden, stat.

This Design*Sponge guide to Paris stressed me out way more than actually being in Paris. I don't really like being told what to do--I like to wander around, get lost, and discover. This does not always result in amazing finds, but it does always result in amazing fun.

Of all the things I saw in Paris, the men were some of the best. Those shoes! Those tailored wool coats! I need to get me one of those someday.

On an entirely different note, I went to Ba Bar, a Vietnamese "street food" restaurant in the Central District, last night.

There was no kung fu. This source really doesn't like Ba Bar.
Decent stuff, but I do wish that they had more of a menu for vegetarians. I had the vegetarian vermicelli bowl and then I split a milk chocolate and blood orange cake with my dinner date. The service, contrary to several reviews, was perfectly adequate. Food arrived promptly and water came just often enough. We stayed there almost two hours after we finished our meal, and we were never pressured to leave or to buy anything else.

It was very difficult for me to choose my favorite picture from this batch of bechained and bespiked wonders.

I went with the outfit I was most likely to wear. Porcupine shoulders!

I am just really not much of a fan of sticking to a theme or ending blogs with thoughtful morals, am I? Blame it on the snow.


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