Thursday, January 5, 2012

Apartment tour.

Lyrics to Coldplay's "Green Eyes" on the fridge. My roommate put them there--clearly we are musical soul-mates (even though she hates Christmas music).

Although I'd lived in various apartments and houses in college, I had never before lived in an apartment in my hometown city of Seattle, nor had I paid my own rent--until now. Ostensibly I moved here to be closer to work (and promptly got laid off a month later--irony?), but really I just love to wake up every day to find myself in Seattle. I am having a very fierce, lifelong love affair with this city.

One of the best things about having my own place is getting to choose how to decorate. I think I've done all right so far. My roommate seems to agree. "You've done a lot for the place," she says. "We even have a grown-up couch now."

Every proper adult needs a zebra throw.

Indeed. Nothing but love for the Ikea Ektorp (Craigslist steal!).

My room is small and cozy. It has two closets, and a vanity nook above the built-in dresser, which I quite like. 

My collection of vintage hats, purses, and mostly modern perfumes.

There aren't many pictures of the whole room, yet, because it is more of a work in progress than the rest of the apartment.

The kitchen/dining room bar is one of my favorite features about the apartment.
I bought those cute little bird mirror hooks on Whidbey Island. I cannot resist a whimsical bird motif.

One thing I didn't think I would adjust well to is the kitchen. Though it has lots of nice counter space, it doesn't have a dishwasher. I am like a 1950s housewife about dishwashers. I love them. But I'm making it work, somehow. I do catch myself making this horrible grimace whenever I'm washing dishes by hand, though.

Also, what is up with that floor?

I can tell that I'm growing up because I buy things, not because they have a practical purpose, but to make my home look pretty and welcoming. Like star lights.

Thanks, Ikea! Also, I am obsessed with twinkle lights. And my bookshelf (also from Ikea..I practically bought the whole store last time I was there. My bank account suffered.).

Or potpourri.

Or bowls with lemons in them. Lemons that could have been used, perhaps, to pep up a salad, or a to garnish a cocktail. But no. These are purely for decoration.

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