Thursday, January 19, 2012

And the snow goes on.

I finally took advantage of my friends' snow day yesterday when I left my apartment and walked the mile to their apartments.

On the way there I saw a huge group of people gathered at the top of Denny, and immediately I knew what they were up to. Sledding!

I saw two cross-country skiers, too. And this biker. Hardcore, man.

It took about an hour and a half to get to A's apartment and my Sorrels gave me bruises on the sides of my calves, above the ankle, but I had a good time and I considered the company (and the wine) well worth the trek.

That's not a pose; that is A's normal face. Just kidding! She is adorable.

At some point we wandered around the corner to our friend T's place, where we decided to take the Myers-Briggs test (T is an ENTJ, I am an ISFP, and A is an ENFP), told each other what kind of animals we were most like (I am evidently a cat; T is a crane; and A is Carnitas), and swapped dating horror stories (notable first date quotes include, "I just like to be with you every minute."), among other things.

I hadn't thought ahead to what I would do when it got dark, so I stayed over at T's apartment. When I woke up, he made me an omelette and let me watch the first season of "The Walking Dead" on Netflix while he worked from home. Score! 

I will admit that much of my addiction to the show stems from Andrew Lincoln's pretty lips. (Source.)

Later, we ordered Thai food and watched snow fall...while we watched more "Walking Dead."

Oof. It's just unfair. (If you click on this .gif, you will see him smile! Source.)

Awesome. (Though I did have to walk up the hill to pick up the Thai food, and it was so quiet outside, and my brain was so full of zombies, that I sort of wanted to take a bat or a shovel with me, just in case the "snowpocalypse" was also a zombie apocalypse.)

Zombies love bowling.

This afternoon I decided to make my way home, and although the buses were running more regularly, it still took me just as long to get back. 

The (defunct) Chapel Bar; icicles on a railing; the patio outside Piecora (yummy pizza).

I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Two snowpeople, getting it on (those are boobs, right?).

I love the look of smug satisfaction on the top snowperson's face. (What, you don't see it?)

Freezing rain has a purpose, and that purpose is to intensify the inherent beauty in a branch or a blossom.

I love you, Snowpocalypse! So long as the power stays on and I don't run out of food. I don't want to have to eat my roommate. She's such a nice person.

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